ABC Taxi & Limousine Rates

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In Town Rates

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  • Fares are calculated by use of a meter which must be activated.
  • The applicable fares, as approved by and on file with the Public Taxi Commission (PTC), are $4 for the first 1 mile plus $1.50 for each additional 1/2 mile or fraction of a mile.
  • The meter will automatically change to a time charge of $0.75 per 45 seconds when the vehicle speed is less than 15 miles per hour.
  • Additional charges as approved by and on file with the PTC may apply.

Out of Town Rates

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  • Fares are calculated by odometers, which you have the right to inspect before and after the ride.
  • The applicable fares approved and on file with the PTC are $3 for the first mile, plus $2.50 for each additional mile or fraction of a mile.
  • Additional Charges as approved by and on file with the PTC may apply for any toll and/or gate charges.

Others Rates

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  • Waiting Time Upon original call and before the passenger takes possession of the cab, waiting time shall be charged only for the time in excess of 3 minutes that the driver is required to wait for the passenger.
  • Baggage Hand luggage in excess of one: $0.10 Suitcases, skis, musical instruments handled by the driver: $0.50
  • Pets Cats in plastic cages, seeing eye dogs, guide dogs and dogs carried on the passenger's lap shall be carried without charge. All other dogs - $2 flat fee. Any damage caused by the pet will be compensated by the passenger.
  • Extra Passengers Each extra passenger over the age of 3 years - $1.50 (in the city limit).
  • Shared Rides If you agree to multiple loading, you are entitled to a reduced fare. Individuals or parties not traveling together who agree to share a cab to destinations in the same area or along the same route shall pay the normal shortest route fare of $5.00 or more (not including non-meter charges), which shall be reduced by 20%. Such restrictions do not apply to gate fees or tolls or out-of-town fares. The cab driver must have the permission of the first passenger to load other passengers.

Payment Methodes

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  • Cash and all major credit cards accepted.